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We are deliberately focused on providing loving family homes to children


Baby Rescue Centre

Every baby rescued will initially arrive at the centre and stay there for their health checks and a wellbeing review. If the baby is in a vulnerable way or needs extra care they will stay on the centre’s compound until healthy. The centre is set up for emergency rescue and medical needs. 


Baby Foster Care Program

While a child stays with Mercy Rescue we want them to be in the best possible environment and for us this means living within a family setting. We have members of our team who are set up and ready in their own homes to temporarily take in a baby. This baby will stay in their home under their care until a forever family solution is found. We provide all the necessary items that the baby and the staff member will need during their stay.


Home Base Care Program

Our first objective for the children we rescue is finding solutions to reunite them with their families.  Children who are reunited with their biological families are often only able to do so with our continued support towards their needs. We fund their education and supply food on a regular basis so that they are able to live with their family. The children within this program are well provided for and they are all attending school.


Forever Family

When it is not possible to reunite a child with their biological family, we find loving Kenyan foster families or pursue local adoption. Even after the children are placed with a forever family, their links with Mercy Rescue remain strong with our own professional social worker ensuring their care and welfare is looked after.

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